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I have abysmal eyes. Without contact lenses I cannot even see the screen in which I am typing this rant (so apologies in advance for any spelling mistakes). So when I had my latest check up and was told that Specsavers could send out my contact lenses directly to my house on a two-monthly basis AND it would save me money, it sounded like the deal of the century. Which of course, it wasn’t.

Because it appears that Specsavers don’t have any concept of time. In fact, as simple as it seems to be for you or I to read a calendar and work out periods of two months, Specsavers do not have this skill. Which is a shame. As not having this skill means that the ‘deal of the century’ is a massive fucking pain in the arse. I didn’t get any contact lenses for four months, which made seeing a bit of an issue.

On the plus side, shouting at members of staff at Specsavers is quite rewarding. And if you shout loudly and often enough, you get FREE Contact lenses. So I suppose, on reflection, the deal isn’t so bad after all.


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