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A lot of people criticise Jamie Redknapp, and it’s easy to see why. He’s good looking, he’s married to a pop star and he’s paid to talk about football. His fiercest critics would belittle his views on the beautiful game, but on his day he can be quite engaging, and having met the man I can vouch that he is as polite, good natured and chatty as you would expect. But surely even JR’s biggest fans can’t defend his choice of advertising campaigns.

Because there is NO WAY Jamie Redknapp and Louise would ever go on a Thomas Cook Holiday. And it’s an offence to every single viewer that Redknapp and Thomas Cook would think we’d ever believe it. Shouldn’t they cast someone more appropriate for their brand, rather than a multi-million pound footballer? I mean, what next? Jose Mourinho taking his wife for a weekend at Butlins? Brangelina holidaying in Skegness? Wills and Kate on an 18-30? Redknapp has been seduced by the almighty dollar, and it’s not the only time he’s put money before self-respect.

Take his M&S adverts for instance. Jamie Redknapp doesn’t shop in Marks and Spencer’s. Jamie Redknapp doesn’t wear Marks and Spencer’s suits. Jamie Redknapp probably doesn’t even know Twiggy. But Jamie Redknapp takes the money and wears those silky slacks.

But let us not just accuse Jamie Redknapp of allowing greed to sully his reputation – the entire Redknapp clan were proven guilty of such behaviour when they decided to team up for that awful Ninendo Wii advert. Do any of us really think that Harry sits in his living room playing Mario Kart?

Jamie, Harry, Louise And That One No-One Recognises

So I guess what I’m saying is that, when you’re already a millionaire, when money is no longer a worry, try to maintain your dignity just a little bit. Pick and choose your endorsements carefully. Because if Jamie continues the way he’s going he’ll end up being one of those 118-118 men, in a perm wig and a handlebar moustache – and I don’t think anyone wants to see that.


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