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What is this about?  It’s ridiculous.  We’re all in the same city!  We’re the same!  There may be some minor discrepancies between us – some people might like rugby, others football – but we are essentially THE SAME.  So why pretend that there’s a rivalry between the four sides of a compass?

You can set a little test to find out if the person you’re talking to has geographical prejudice.  All you have to do is ask them where they live, and if they do not name a place but instead say something like ‘south of the River’, you know these people have issues. 

I have lived in Leytonstone and Bow (East London) Southwark (South London), Putney and Chiswick (West London) and Highbury (North London).  I have no problem with moving between North and South.  I don’t get the shakes when I go from East to West.  It’s all London.  It’s all the same.  Deal with it.


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