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I love trainers. I have lots of trainers. I once had a pair of Nike’s that were amazing. White, blue and red – beautiful. I wore them everyday for weeks on end. People would comment on my footwear. Where did you get those trainers? Those are amazing trainers! I would love a pair of those trainers! For a while I had the best trainers in the world.

And then one day as I leant down to tie up my laces and a pungent smell invaded my nostrils. The shoes stank. It was worse than BO. I would be at my desk at work conscious of the fact that if I could smell my shoes, then so could everyone else. I was a bad smell! I was THE bad smell! So I bode farewell to my sexy shoes, my terrific trainers, my sublime sneakers. And I have never been able to find a suitable replacement. Sad times.


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