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The main culprit of this is HMV – it’s no wonder they’re probably going to go under before Christmas.
Sometimes I go into DVD shops like HMV because I want to browse. I might not necessarily have a DVD that I want to buy in mind, instead I’ll work my way down the various isles picking up interesting looking films and reading the blurb on the back. The bit that tells me what the film is about. But when I attempt to do this, nine times out of ten I am faced with this:


Utterly fucking ridiculous. Am I supposed to have an enyclopaedic knowledge of every film ever made so that I don’t need to read what the movie is actually about? Am I meant to base my purchases on the fact it’s got Matt fucking Damon in it? Why don’t you stick the price tag somewhere less fucking irritating?

But it’s not just over the blurb that HMV choose to put their price tags. They even do it over the actual FILM TITLE. So if you’re looking to base your next buy on a catchy title like “Sex Robots 7”, then good luck because unless you’ve been looking everywhere for Sex Ro £7.99, then you’re out of luck. And it’s not just DVDs. Look at this book:

It’s lovely to be WHAT?!? WHHHHAAAAATTTT?????

Let’s play a quiz. Below are some DVD’s that have been butchered by HMV’s pricing gun. Give yourself a pat on the back if you can name all of them…

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