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I am sick of people going on and on about how our broken society created these wankers, and how the rioting of August was inevitable because we’ve ignored this generation for so long. These people weren’t ignored, they acted like morons, showed no respect to their fellow man and drove themselves away from society by being pricks. The only reason these people are ignored now is because they’re arseholes who are likely to mug you if you go near them.

During the riots in Manchester a Sky News reporter interviewed a hoodie at about 10:30pm and asked him why he was looting shops. He said it was “ta piss off da police innit”. Who wants to talk to someone who’s such a cunt? Not me.

The same guy said of that night’s riots – “it’s freedom day”. Point one dickhead – it’s freedom night. Point two – why do you think you have a right to steal and burn other people’s property? The police should fire paintball gun pellets at all these fanny’s, mark them in luminous dye, round them up and then beat the living shit out of them, their siblings and their parents. You can start in Bow, there’s fucking loads of them here.


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