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I’m sure the Harry Potter books are really good. I’m sure that they’re as enjoyable for adults as they are for children. And I’m sure that the end of the Potter saga came as a blow to many loyal fans who have grown up with the little scar-faced runt.

But what is wrong with these people who CAMPED OUT ALL NIGHT at Trafalagar Square in the hope of seeing their heroes when the latest movie premiered recently? They do know that Daniel Radcliffe is not actually Harry Potter don’t they? That Rupert Grint is not going to become your BFF just because you’ve got within touching distance of the ginger wazzock? It’s a bloody film. It’s not real. And rather than waiting outside in the rain for a glimpse of Emma Watson, how about buying a dodgy copy of the film from a Chinese bloke in your local and actually watching the movie rather than watching the people in the movie heading to a cinema to watch the movie?

People were actually crying at the very notion that there will be no more films. CRYING. There are lots of things to get upset about in life, but the end of a fucking film franchise that has dragged on since before Radcliffe got his first pube is not one of them.


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One response to “62: HARRY POTTER FANS

  1. I personally wouldnt camp out…

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