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Hey man.  How you doing man.  Thanks man.  Let’s examine this…

My name is not ‘Man’.  In fact, I barely fit the description of a man.  Certainly not your stereotypical man anyway.

I don’t hunt.  I don’t gather.  The Oxford English Dictionary definition of a man is:

‘A male endowed with qualities, such as strength, considered characteristic of manhood’.

I am not strong.  I am not ‘endowed with qualities’.  I am quality-less.  I am sub-man.  So stop calling me it.

Women don’t have the same problem.  Hey woman.  Good to see you woman.  Alright wooomaaaan.  We were all given names.  Monikers.  Why can we not just be referred to by our NAMES?

And if you don’t know my name, why are you even talking to me?


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