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Big Brother started this trend and The Only Way Is Essex contiunued it – making stars of people who are moronic.

Why do people enjoy looking at thick people? Enjoy listening to thick people? Enjoy reading about thick people? Jade Goody was probably a very good mother but she was as thick as pig’s shit. Amy Childs’ dream was to become the new Jordan. I mean for fuck’s sake, really?

If your daughter went up to you and said that her hero was Amy Childs, would you be happy or would you put your child up for adoption and move to another country? If your daughter went on national television and flashed her flange and racially abused an Indian woman, would you revel in the limelight or go into hiding? So why watch them then?!?

If people are so obsessed with retards why don’t they just go and visit a special school and observe the pupils? Or alternatively hang out in China White’s? Why do they have to invade our TV screens and then be paid huge sums for doing so? They make more money than fucking doctors!


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