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The following is an extract from an entirely made-up conversation…

– Hi, I’m looking to buy a car.

– Well you’ve come to the right place. Do you have a make or model in mind?

– Well I’m not really sure. I guess I could do with some guidance.

– Well we have a fine range of automobiles. We have some convertibles – how about that?

– Nah, that’s not really me.

– Okey dokey, how about a solid, reliable German vehicle. Say… a Mercedes?

– Hmm… It’s nice but I just can’t see me behind the wheel of a car like that.

– I see. So you want the car to reflect your personaility?

– I think so, yes.

– Well what kind of a person would you say you are? Bright? Happy-go-lucky? Full of beans?

– I’m actually a bit of an arsehole.

– I know just the car for you! THIS ONE:


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