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Heineken sponsor the UEFA Champions League.  Encouraging fans to get shit-faced and start a fight since 1873.

Stella Artois sponsor a tennis event at Queens Club.  Wife beater!  Sponsoring one of the most demure, upper class sports out there.

Aviva, an insurance company, sponsor the Rugby Premiership.  But will they actually insure any of the players considering the significant risk of injury they all face week-in-week out?

And worst of all, McDonald’s are involved with the Olympics.  THE OLYMPICS! 

Either sports should insist on appropriate sponsors for their events, or they should introduce a new rule for their competitions.  How about a rule that those competiting must stick to a strict diet of whatever product is paying to sponsor the competition?  I’d love to see Andy Murray take on Rafa after both have sunk a four pint pitcher, or Wayne Rooney squaring up to Gerard Pique following an all night session on the PS3. 

And best of all, let’s see how fast Usain Bolt would run after he’s eaten twelve Big Macs – the fat bastard.


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