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Is this really what we’ve come to? Having to pay for the right to pee?

Picture this. You’re at the railway station. Your train is delayed two hours and you need the toilet. No problem, you think. The station will have a toilet. So you follow the signs for the loo, only to find that when you arrive at your destination you have to pay for the right to use the facilities.

When did this happen? Why should it happen? If you came to my house and asked to use my toilet how would you feel if I said that’s fine but you need to pay me 30p first? Who thought it would be a good idea to make a profit out of pissing? Isn’t it your God given right to have a wee in a toilet?!?

I’m surprised they don’t monitor what you do in their toilets and charge you accordingly. Double the fee for a number two. This has been going on too long. Toilet ettiquette needs to change. We’re all people, we all need to exercise our bladder. Let’s all just agree to do it for free, shall we?


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