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Aside from the fact that their name is frighteningly close to my own, sparking opportunity for people to call me Domino (or Pizza Face in my teenage years), Dominos Pizza just doesn’t taste very nice.

I remember growing up and eating Pizza Hut.  It was nice.  I remember going to the Deep Pan Pizza Company.  It was nice.  As I have grown up, so my tastes have changed, some would say improved.  I look for a high-end, classy type of pizza nowadays – and in Firezza, a London chain that flies its ingredients in directly from Italy, I’ve found it.  But at no age would I have enjoyed Dominos Pizza.  It’s so synthetic tasting.  The meat toppings taste of plastic.  Even the logo and branding has an air of second rate about it.  It’s just not a very nice pizza.

And now they’ve introduced gourmet pizza.  The exact opposite of what Dominos Pizza stands for and surely an admission that they’ve had to change their output in order to keep up with the Joneses?  By creating a line of gourmet pizzas, aren’t they admitting that their usual food is… well…a bit shit?  Not up to scratch?  And if this is the case, isn’t their change of heart a little after the Lord Mayors Show?

People who buy Dominos Pizza must find something about it appealing, and good for them.  But attempting to win over a new target audience and attract a different type of pizza eater is surely too late.  If someone wants a top-notch, high-end Italian treat, head to Firezza or Florence – the choice is yours.


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