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I love Batman. I loved the Bob Kane comics, I loved Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s take on the winged avenger and I loved Alan Moore’s short story ‘The Killing Joke’.

Tim Burton transformed the entire concept of Batman in his 1989 movie and then arguably bettered it with the follow up Batman Returns, before Christopher Nolan created an even darker and more disturbing Gotham in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  The conclusion to his trilogy is set for release in 2012 and will see the return of Catwoman, making an appearance for the first time since Michelle Pffeifer portrayed her in Burton’s comic book swansong. 

Pffeifer was an incredible Catwoman.  A scatterbrained Selina Kyle who smouldered onscreen, she transformed into Batman’s nemesis in style, becoming without doubt the sexiest interpretation of the character in the franchise’s history.  She was always going to be a hard act to follow, and while you certainly can’t fault Nolan’s two films so far, it does seem he may have made a ricket in the costume department if nothing else.

For this is the new Catwoman costume:

 It’s difficult to see the full outfit but there’s no cowl, and only a pair of oversized sunglasses keeping Anne Hathaway’s identity secret.

Be honest.  it looks shit doesn’t it?  It looks like she’s a biker chick who’s going on holiday to Tenerife.  It’s half Tron, all wrong.

Compare this to Pffeifer’s costume:

A genius outfit complete with appropriate headgear and one which is utterly believable within Burton’s Gotham. 

Yep.  That.  Will.  Do.

So far Christopher Nolan has managed to create pretty much the perfect superhero film with The Dark Knight, even managing to cast an actor whose interpretation of the Joker surpassed even Jack Nicholson’s efforts in 1989.  But can the Englishman repeat the trick with Hathaway, an actress who up to this point has plumped for films like A Devil Wears Prada and Valentine’s Day?  Time will tell, but on the evidence of the arch villains outfit, it seems Catwoman’s crown will remain firmly on Pffeifer’s head.


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