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I live in a shared ownership flat.  It’s a nice flat.  It’s pretty spacious, it’s cosy and most of the fittings and furnishings are in good shape (dodgy windows aside).

However as with all shared ownership complexes, a certain percentage of flats are given away as social housing, and while some such tenants are grateful and respectful to their home and their neighbours, others are not.

Feral children live among us.  They play football until 11pm at night.  They pretend to raise money for charity thinking we will be stupid enough to give them our money.  They recently broke into a downstairs cupboard, stole all the lightbulbs and tried to sell them back to us.  They have set two different bins on fire.  They are subhuman scum.  And yet the property manager does nothing.

Our extremely long contract tells us that any sort of anti social behaviour will not be tolerated.  It is very clear about ball games not being permitted and that no children should play in stairwells.  It emphasises the need for neighbours to respect each other and even stipulates that it is an offence to have your washing machine on beyond 11pm.  The only one of these things that is adhered to is the washing machine rule.  All the while, the property manager does nothing.

Recently there was a flood.  We were without water for 48 hours.  The property manager did nothing. 

Someone made a burn in the carpet downstairs.  The property manager did nothing. 

Someone tried to kick a door down to another flat.  The property manager did nothing.

So my question to you is this.  Why is our property manager such a cunt?  Why?


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One response to “99: BAD PROPERTY MANAGERS

  1. Soo ⋅

    Just looked up the name Waveney Warden out of interest as she was the class bully at secondary school! Not surprised to read that she is still useless! Bullies are the ultimate cowards.
    I hope she is still ugly, fat and living in a bedsit!

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