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At what point did antiques shows become prime time viewing?

I remember when I was growing up that The Antiques Roadshow would be on as I feasted on the family roast dinner.  It was shit then, and yet I switched on the TV the other Sunday to find that it’s now on at 8pm.  8pm!!!

Dickinson’s Real Deal was on Friday night’s on ITV1 at 8:30pm!  You finish your working week, you look forward to a night in with the missus and what greets you when you switch on your TV?  David fucking Dickinson’s perma tanned face looking at some marble clock that’s older than time.

I can’t understand it.  Why do TV channels think that the vast majority of their viewers want to see these shows over the weekend?  On a Sunday night everyone is depressed.  They know the start of the working week is around the corner and they need to be cheered up.  A good film would work.  Maybe a top notch American TV show.  Or, as the BBC seem to think, we could all watch a fucking antiques show.  How does that make anyone happy?

If this is the future of British TV I need to move jobs and countries.  Maybe I’ll raid the attic and try to find a gold watch that might allow me to do just that.  I wonder if Fiona Bruce can help?


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