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These things are irrittating.  Designed to prove that you’re a human, you have to type in a series of letters, numbers or a combination of both for security issues.  But if it’s just to prove we’re human, why must they make them so bloody difficult to read?

Computers cannot type.  There are not computers sat around waiting to type out said word on a keyboard.  So why must they put these words in italics, make words up and throw in digits left, right and centre?

They also seem to enjoy putting lines through words, just to throw another curveball in your direction:

What are they thinking?  Are they deliberately trying to piss us off?  MAKE THINGS SIMPLE!

Or alternatively, at least make them so controversial, so you’ve got something to tell your mates…



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One response to “108: CAPTHCHAS

  1. This one goes on my list too.

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