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Going on a plane is always exciting.  You’re either going on holiday, which is pretty cool, or you’re on a business trip – which in my experiences have been pretty rare and so are also pretty exciting. 

But the excitement fades away the minute you’re given your meal.  This thing, housed in a plastic box with a transparent lid is always grim.  The best bit about it is ALWAYS the bread roll.  And when a bread roll beats a main meal and a dessert, you know there’s a problem.

We’ve all eaten bad microwave meals.  And we’re not asking for gourmet quality food on a flight.  But just something that doesn’t look like it’s alreayd been eaten digested and shat out again would be a start.  We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t make a decent meal mid-air?  Come on British Airways – stop boring us with your sycophantic adverts and make me a decent fucking dinner.  PLEASE.


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