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Doctors.  Or as they’re more commonly known – collossal pricks.  At least when it comes to making an appointment with one anyway.

First up you have to call the receptionist who asks what exactly is wrong with you.  You say it’s personal and they ask if it’s an emergency.  You don’t know because you’re not a doctor and that’s why you want to see them – to determine if this problem is serious or not. 
They eventually offer you an appointment – around two weeks from now.  You could be dead by then of course, or failing that much better – but who are we to question the doctor?  Who are we to determine what is important and what is not in the doctors busy schedule?  Oh no, much better to cark it and never know what it was that killed us.
After the appointment – which lasts no more than five minutes and takes place 45 minutes after your actual appointment time – you may be sent for further tests.  They may ask you to return in another two weeks.  or they may give you a prescription for some drugs.  A prescription which you cannot read.  And neither can the pharmacist.  So you call the doctors surgery.  They ask you if it’s an emergency.  You tell them no, you just need some hand-writing deciphered.  They put you on hold.  They give you an appointment for two weeks time. 


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